Other Credits:

  • The 1 st man to receive a Pro Card Over 60 (at age 62)
  • The 1 st man to win a Pro Card in 2 contests (would have been 1 but I had to qualify)
  • The 1 st man to receive a retroactive Pro Card (2 months after I won my 2 nd Masters Nationals)

Name: Charles Urrego "aka" Charlie Arms

June 21, 1943

IFBB Pro Bodybuilder , Business Owner of a trucking company, Carriers WorldWide Inc. in Lakeworth, Florida.

Marital Status:

Contest history:
I started competing after I turned 60 years old. The first contest I entered was the 2003 Southern States.

2003 NPC Southern States - Masters Overall Winner
2004 NPC Master's Nationals- Overall Winner ( 60+), crossed over (50+) (2nd Place HW)
2005 NPC Master's Nationals- Overall Winner ( 60+), crossed over to the (50+) (3rd HW)
Sept. 7, 2005 : Received an IFBB Pro Card retroactive from my back -to-back wins at the 2004 and 2005 NPC Master's Nationals
2006 IFBB Professional Masters Over 60 World Champion

****As of 2005, the 60-year old men Master's Overall NPC National Champion will be awarded Pro Status.

" I have adopted a saying....it's never too late to be the person you could have been"


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